Sutter County

Local Yuba City Attorneys:

Yuba City is the county seat of Sutter County. At Hinely Law, our Criminal Defense and Family Law attorneys have either grown up in, or lived and worked in the area for the better part of their lives. If you are from the small-town atmosphere of Sutter, or the more suburban spread of Yuba City, our team of Yuba City Criminal Defense and Family Law attorneys can vigorously and professionally ensure your legal interests are adequately represented. Our Yuba City attorneys have successfully handled Criminal and DUI matters, as well as a multitude of Family Law issues, including divorce, child custody, and child support.

Importance of a Yuba City Attorney:

Sutter County Superior Court is comprised of five Superior Court Judges and one Court Commissioner. Just as every person in civilian life is different, so too are each of the judges in Sutter County. This is not a bad thing, it just means that you should consider a local practicing Yuba City Criminal Defense or Family Law attorney who is familiar with the expectations that each of the judges has in legal cases pending before them in their court. You want the best possible outcome in any of your legal matters, whether it is Criminal, DUI, or Family Law, so it is vital that you hire a Yuba City Criminal Defense or Family Law attorney who is familiar with the various prosecutors, as well as the resources available within Sutter County.

Every Person is Different:

At Hinely Law, our Yuba City Criminal Defense and Family Law attorneys have represented local farmers; law enforcement and their family members; and longtime residents of the area, to name a few. One thing is clear, and often not recognized by attorneys, every person has their own priorities and needs when it comes to legal representation. The legal system cannot be approached in a “cookie-cutter” fashion. Your Yuba City attorney needs to give you individual attention, ensuring that your personal needs are attended to. At Hinely Law we recognize this issue and strive to ensure you are represented as an individual.

The Yuba City Attorney You Hired wll Represent You:

All too often a person will provide all of their personal life to a law firm and then when they appear in court, someone they have never met appears in court with them, knowing nothing about the client or their case. At Hinely Law, we do not sub-contract our cases. You hired us for a reason, we have heard your personal stories, and we intend to provide personal representation from the Yuba City Criminal Defense or Family Law attorney you specifically chose. This is how we achieve great results for our clients and this is how we maintain a rating of 10 out of 10 on AVVO.

Sutter County Courthouse:

The county seat, and location of the Superior Court, is the City of Yuba City. The Sutter County Courthouse, located at 1175 Civic Center Boulevard, is one of the newest courthouses in California, opening its doors in 2016. The courthouse maintains 7 state of the art courtrooms in an ultra-modern setting.

Sutter County:

Sutter County is one of the initial California counties and is named after a historic California figure, John Sutter (Sutter’s Fort, Sutter’s Mill, Sutter’s Hock Farm). Although Sutter County comprises only 608 square miles (389,120 acres), the population is about 96,651. Sutter County is rich with farm land. It is said that Sutter County is the home of “Cling Peaches”. California produces more peaches than any other state in the United States and the Yuba-Sutter County area produces almost 40% of the California peaches. Despite the popularity of the peach, rice, walnuts, and prunes topped the crops for Sutter County. Sutter County is the location of the Sutter Buttes, the “smallest mountain range in the world”, emerging high from the flat valley land like a sore thumb. With both the Sacramento and Feather River running through Sutter County, it is a haven for fisherman from all over.

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