Colusa County

Local Colusa Attorneys:

If you have been charged with a Criminal Offense, DUI, or have a Family Law matter in Colusa County you need a local Colusa County Attorney on your side. Whether your case stems from Colusa, Williams, Maxwell, or Arbuckle our criminal defense and family law attorneys and staff have extensive ties to the Colusa area.

Colusa County is Unique and a Colusa Criminal Defense or Family Law Attorney is a Huge Advantage:

Although the laws governing citizens and the government, come from State and Federal sources, each county has their own local court rules. In a 2014 Court Liaison Report issued by the Honorable David Rosenberg, Colusa was likened to a modern-day Mayberry. At Hinely Law, our Criminal Defense and Family Law attorneys are personally familiar with all the intricacies of the local court and prosecutor’s office, we are familiar with the local court rules that differ in Colusa County, and we are familiar with the resources available within the county.

Each Client has Individual Needs:

Whether you have lived and worked in Colusa County your entire life, or you are just traveling through Williams on Interstate 5 or Highway 20, you have your own individual legal needs. Your legal matters require individual attention, as what may work for one person, could have devastating consequences for someone else. At Hinely Law our Criminal Defense and Family Law attorneys have successfully represented local farmers; longtime residents of the area; government employees; as well as persons from all over the United States who were simply traveling through the area.

Personal Service:

Whether you are charged with a crime, including DUI, or dealing with a family law matter involving child custody, child support, and divorce, these matters are all personal to you. At Hinely Law you work with the Colusa County Attorney you sought out. We do not outsource our cases. You hired us, built a relationship with us, and have trusted us with your legal needs. You deserve what you asked for. By working personally with our clients, we have consistently achieved positive outcomes, as noted on our testimonial page, or as seen by our rating of 10 out of 10 on AVVO.

Colusa County Courthouse:

The county seat, and location of the Superior Court, is the City of Colusa, located about 10 miles east of Interstate 5. The City of Colusa maintains two courthouses, the newer courthouse annex located at 532 Oak Street (Designated as Department 2) and the historic courthouse located at 547 Market Street (Designated as Department 1). Both courthouses remain in use today. The historic courthouse, built in 1861, typically hears juvenile; family law; civil; and jury trial matters. The courthouse annex, built in 1993 is typically used for civil, criminal, and jury trial matters.

Colusa County:

Colusa County is one of California’s original counties originated in 1850. The population of Colusa County is approximately 21,588 over 1,156 square miles (739,840 acres) of land. That equals about 34 acres per person. The land in Colusa County varies among rich agriculture farmland to mountains on the west side of the county. The major industry of Colusa County is agriculture, with the top five commodities from Colusa County consisting of Almonds, Rice, Tomatoes, Walnuts, and Cattle. In the winter time, much of this farmland becomes hunting areas, as Colusa County is known for its premiere duck, goose, and pheasant hunting attracting hunters from everywhere.

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